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We at, "A Drop in the Ocean" are committed to making a difference in the world and believe strongly in doing our part. We have been involved in one form or another for over 25yrs. Maxine has worked with Social change programs for over 25yrs and has been a missionary for the past 4 years in Brazil, and Rob is the executive director of an organization called GO WEST!!! USA changing the lives of teenagers across the US, teaching responsibility and life skills.


                                               Cycling the around the world to help eradicate hunger and homelessness.

We are cycling across the world raising money and awareness of world hunger and homelessness, that we may have ourselves even faced at some point in our own lives, or known someone that has.

Our aim is to open the eyes of our fellow man just a bit wider to something that they already know about and can do something about and feel good about having done it. It does feel good to help and do what we can, there’s nothing wrong with that. No matter how big or small it can make all the difference.

We often hear it said “ah it’s just a drop in the ocean” our response is, yes it is and takes every drop to make the difference. Every penny, pound, dollar, real, yen, rupee or euro can help us build a better world for people to live in. We know that when everyone plays their part and we come together, things happen. Words have power and we want you to put your words in to good use to make a difference.